Street Legal Golf Car Inspection
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Vandalia, OH

Service Description

Looking to make your golf car street legal? We work with the local sheriffs department to ensure your vehicle is compliant with Ohio's Revised Code Concerning Golf Carts & Under Speed Vehicles. Once the inspection form is completed, you are able to apply for a Title at the Title Bureau. Once the Title is created, you are able to get plates at you local DMV. Please check with local laws to ensure compliance with Ohio Revised Code as certain Towns, Cities, Counties can differentiate from the law.

Ohio Revised Code Concerning Golf Carts & Under Speed Vehicles 

  • Requires valid driver’s license for any operation of a motor vehicle on public or private property – ORC 4507.02A(1)-4510.12A(1)
  • Must be equipped with rear tail lights (only 1 required). ORC 4513.05
  • Must have a light to illuminate license plate and make license plate legible from a distance of 50 feet. ORC 4513.05
  • Must have at least 1 working brake light. ORC 4513.071
  • Must have 2 headlights. ORC4513.04
  • Must have a horn. ORC 4513.21
  • Must have a rear mirror. ORC 4513.23
  • Must have a windshield (glass or safety glass). ORC 4513.24
  • Must have directional signals. ORC 4513.261
  • Must have brackets for mounting 2 license plates (front and rear). ORC 4503.21